Cybercrime affects everyone. That’s why we focus on practical, cost-effective solutions—cybersecurity that is accessible to all. As your Cybersecurity Management Partner, we offer you independent advice and deliver only the components you need. Our experts can provide both ad-hoc services or an individual comprehensive package.
The threat of cybercrime is higher than ever. Small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly at risk. We offer independent advice, provide immediate assistance, and implement suitable long-term measures tailored to your company, structure, and budget.
Step 1: Checkup

We examine the current state of your IT landscape according to the measures set out in relevant official specifications. Where are the vulnerabilities and potential points of attack? What security measures are in place? What should be improved?

Step 2: Direct measures

Acute threats are tackled immediately. We also identify tools and processes to increase your security right in the long term. And we always look for solutions that are as cost-effective and practical as possible.

Step 3: Continuous monitoring

Cyber threats are constantly changing. Consequently, defenses need to be constantly adapted. As your Cybersecurity Management Partner, we can provide long-term support and establish a customized information security management system (ISMS).

M365 assessment

How secure is your M365 configuration? And are you using all the tools that are already included in the package? Our experts check and optimize the settings of your M365 tenant. Once complete, a secure configuration will reduce your attack surface and decrease the risk of data exfiltration.

Penetration testing

How good are your defenses? Our team of experts simulates cyberattacks on your system, network, or applications to identify vulnerabilities. Find out under controlled, safe conditions and gain valuable insights to improve your security.

Risk assessment

We use innovative methods and in-depth analyses to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, your M365 landscape, and your cloud structure.

End-point, cloud, and email security

We develop concepts and specific measures to protect individual devices, servers, cloud solutions, and email systems. This includes the use of antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, authentication mechanisms, encryption, access management, and data monitoring.


SIEM and SOC identify and eliminate potential security risks proactively and in real-time. We collect and analyze data from various sources and detect security risks, which are evaluated and neutralized.

Security policies and compliance

Together with our compliance and legal experts, we develop guidelines and regulations to ensure cyber­security and data privacy compliance in day-to-day operations. These can be used as documentation for insurance companies, customers, partners, and employees.

Awareness training

People often represent the most vulnerable component of any security system. Training is needed to recognize threats quickly and respond appropriately. We help you transform one of your organization’s greatest risks into a vital line of defense.

Specialist training

Expand your knowledge and learn from experienced professionals in the industry. We offer training—often with certification—for executives (CCISO), cyber professionals (CISSP, CEH), vendors (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Arista), and employees (CSCU), as well as network administrators (Wireshark, Python for Network Automation).


We support you on the way to ISO/IEC 27001 and other certifications. Our team of experts will accompany you and help ensure that your company meets the requirements and completes the certification process efficiently and successfully.

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