When translating, please do not copy the style of the source text. Please adhere to the style below and implement it consistently throughout the text even if the source is inconsistent or includes errors in style. The translation should read as naturally as possible—as if it were written in the target language.


After a colon:

Figure in captions:

Figure in running text:

Labels in diagrams:

Beginning of footnotes:


Lowercase, unless followed by a proper noun

Uppercase, Ilustración 1

Lowercase, ilustración 1




Dash type:

Outer and inner quotation marks:

Slash with/without spaces:

Parentheses within parentheses:


el filtro —la siguiente estación— separa las impurezas

«la iniciativa “MOBILITY FOR HEROES” …»

2020/21; y/o

(nitrógeno [N₂] y agua)


Thousand separator:

Decimal separator:

Superscript characters:

Subscript characters:

Number ranges:

Units of measure with number ranges:

Minus signs:

Plus signs:

Greater/less than signs:

Degree signs:

Percent signs:

Abbreviation for approximately:

Abbreviation for circa:

Currency code:

Short date:

Long date:

Time of day:


9999 BUT: 10 000 (nonbreaking space)

2,4 ml (comma)

km²;  m³

CO₂; NOₓ

30−75 kg​ (en dash without spaces)

115−130 °C; 5−10 % (not repeated)

−52,2 (en dash)

+14,2 % (no space) BUT: 10 + 4

>50 km (no space)

32 °C (nonbreaking space)

14,2 % (nonbreaking space)



+53,8 milliones EUR (after number)


25 de enero de 2021


In general, bulleted list items begin with a capital letter and only end in a period if all items form a complete sentence.

Note: Each list should be capitalized and punctuated consistently even if there is a mix of complete and incomplete sentences. If the list contains mostly incomplete sentences, then no item should end in a period.

Se caracteriza por nueve ventajas de aplicación:

  • Montaje sencillo y rápido
  • Juntas metal-metal herméticas, indisolubles
  • Conexión segura de tubos de diferentes materiales
  • No se requiere una preparación especial del tubo
  • Herramientas de montaje cómodas
  • Admite grandes tolerancias en las medidas
  • Sin efecto de muesca en la zona de montaje
  • Sin soldeo directo ni indirecto o corte de hilo
  • Tecnología de empalme inocua y respetuosa con el medio ambiente